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The President Speaks Out


Leadership Triangle prides itself on its commitment to diversity.


The challenges of our communities do not lie neatly within city or county boundaries. The Triangle's quality of life and future growth depends on our ability to work across these boundaries to find common ground.

Leadership Triangle is a non-profit organization established in 1992 to educate and promote regionalism across the separate communities of the Triangle. It does this through regional and leadership development classes, seminars and awards. We strive to build leadership capacity, cooperation, and networking opportunities across the public, private and civic sector, preserving local uniqueness while acting regionally to deal with issues such as traffic congestion, water quality, housing affordability, open space, school funding, economic and social equity.

Since 1992 Leadership Triangle has brought together emerging leaders from all corners of the Triangle, building bridges across Wake, Chatham, Durham and Orange communities and across business, government, nonprofit, academic, and grassroots leadership. We connect current and emerging community leaders, honoring differences, yet finding common ground on which to address regional issues. We reflect the population of the Triangle in our participants, volunteers, and outreach, and bring an inclusive practice to leadership development.

We offer four distinct classes annually; the Regional Leadership Program, the Personal Leadership Program, The Leadership Triangle Executive Program, The College Edition and a special event, the Goodmon Awards, that recognizes regional leadership.


Leadership Triangle's own leadership consists of a President, Winkie La Force, a Program Assistant, Jasmine Bennett and a Board of Directors.


To advance leadership capacity to foster regional awareness and cooperation in the Triangle.


We envision the Triangle with strong local communities working cooperatively to preserve and enhance a high quality of life for all residents of the region.

We envision Community Leaders connected in heart, mind and spirit across the Triangle, committed to voicing, listening to and honoring differences, and through hearing different voices, finding common ground on which to address regional issues.

We envision Leadership Triangle as a catalyst for connecting people across geographical, political, social, economic and demographic boundaries, with Leadership Triangle graduates taking an effective role in political, civic, business and community endeavors.

Leadership Triangle seeks to practice the following behaviors as we carry out the work to achieve our mission and vision.


We solicit all perspectives and listen to them.

We share information and foster communication.

We identify, incorporate and enhance the abilities and strengths of people and communities.

We reflect the population of the Triangle.

We seek common ground between people, organizations and communities.

We actively explore differences with the intent of understanding and affirming them.

We step up and do.