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Introducing Leadership Triangle’s 25 for 25

Leadership Triangle is 25 years old. It’s been a fun quarter century and a lot has happened. We have had the privilege of training business leaders, political leaders, sports coaches and those leading world-changing non profit organizations. As much as we’ve taught these leaders while training them, we’ve learned just as much ourselves. ... More

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New Star Wars Highlights Ladies in Leadership

Star Wars has been an epic tale of heroism for decades of young, mostly male fans. But in the new era, there are some rumblings of a change in the force, mostly about giving women a higher profile both on and off screen. The first sign that women might be taking a larger role in the Star Wars franchise was the fact that Kathleen Kennedy took ... More

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Face to Face Team Building in a Digital Age

Don’t misunderstand. The internet is a modern revolution that has brought so many benefits to society. People can now video chat with loved ones overseas in real-time, stream history’s greatest entertainment into their living rooms and even find love through a dating website that connects them to someone they would have otherwise never ... More

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How our Leadership Classes are different

We are in an age of personal development. There are organizations and businesses devoted to just about every area of life, dedicated to building people into the best they can be. Leadership is one area that gets a lot of attention. If you are interested in joining a leadership program, you’ve likely seen a multitude of organizations willing ... More

Atrayus Goode – A Successful Alumnus

From time to time, it is important to bring one of our past Goodmon Award winners back to your attention. Just because Leadership Triangle chose to honor them in years past does not mean they are not still achieving great things for our region. Right now we want to highlight a 2013 winner - Atrayus Goode. Atrayus was one of our youngest ... More

Winkie LaForce Retiring After 14 Years

Sometimes after one person has led an organization for so long, the two become almost synonymous. For example, Duke University Men’s Basketball and Coach K have reached that status. For NC State or UNC fans here in the Triangle, that truth likely has some painful memories attached with it. Here at Leadership Triangle, Winkie La Force has ... More

Make Your Nominations for the 2016 Leadership Triangle Awards Gala

Leadership Triangle is now accepting applications for our 2016 Awards Gala presented by the Carolina Hurricanes. This annual event is focused on finding and celebrating regional heroes of the Triangle area. Often these heroes are unsung, other times they are well known, sometimes they are Leadership Triangle alumni, others are not, but what ... More

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Leadership Triangle After Hours at Old Chatham Golf Club

Leadership Triangle After Hours is an alumni group set-up for Goodmon Fellows with frequent events around the Triangle. Following “on the heels” of UNC Coach Sylvia Hatchell’s moving speech to the lunch alumni group, another fantastic opportunity is coming up soon, this time for the after hours group. On October 5th, Leadership Triangle ... More


Sylvia Hatchell Gives Memorable Alumni Speech

Sylvia Hatchell, the iconic UNC Women’s Basketball coach, recently gave a rousing and memorable speech to Leadership Triangle’s LT Over Lunch alumni group. Over 30 Leadership Triangle alumni made it out to Squid’s Restaurant in Chapel Hill on August 30th for the event and it’s doubtful any one of them left disappointed. For those ... More

Leadership in a Year of Presidential Politics

It is now post Labor Day in a presidential election year. That means we are headed into what tends to be a season of division, distortion and disappointment. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton do not seem likely to break this tradition. Between Mr. Trump’s blunt and often brash comments and Secretary Clinton’s never-ending email saga, the ... More