Transforming Leaders Program Tuition

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Transforming Leaders is designed for participants to develop the competencies they self-identify when they apply. This is accomplished by combining an outstanding curriculum, 360 results, one-on-one coaching, real-life application, and an intentional learning community.



Transforming Leaders is for those who want to become more effective and transformative leaders. The program is designed to meet the individualized developmental goals of each participant. This is accomplished by combining outstanding instruction, 360 feedback, individual coaching, real-life application of skills, learning teams, and personal reflection.

The faculty is comprised of Col. Joe LeBoeuf, PhD. professor, Fuqua School of Business and lead instructor, Mark Molitor, Director of Leadership Development, Leadership Triangle. We also bring in several special guest instructors. Sessions consist of a rich mixture of pre-readings, instruction of content material, experiential activities, video clips, case studies, and individual and team reflection time.

Each participant is administered a 360-degree feedback instrument prior to the start of the program. This process tends to affirm and clarify strengths, reveal areas where one may be perceived differently by others than thought, and surface areas for potential development.

In confidential one-on-one coaching sessions, participants are helped to define their goals, examine the reality in which they must operate, be heard, supported and challenged, explore options, identify potential resources, plan and commit to action, and follow up.

Class sessions are held weekly from 9:00am to 12:00pm for two and one-half months. This gives time between sessions to apply what is being learned “back at work”, practice new skills, and develop and refine competencies. Returning to class and coaching sessions, participants can celebrate and reinforce what’s working, and revisit and work on areas still needing development.

During a portion of most classes participants operate within teams settings to deepen the learning of classroom material, gain insights from one another, and provide mutual support.

This dynamic program has developed an outstanding reputation for having an extraordinary impact on participants’ leadership effectiveness, career advancement and even carry-over into their personal lives. Speak to any graduate!

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