Leadership Triangle Supporters

We are pleased that the following organizations are partners and sponsors of Leadership Triangle. It is through their contributions that we can develop programs, encourage Triangle leadership, support alumni, and work to enhance the quality of life in our region. Thanks to each of you.

“Quintiles has been a proud supporter of Leadership Triangle for many years. This is a unique program that looks at the Triangle as a broad community. Leadership Triangle alumni appreciate and understand all this region can be, and how they can make a difference!”

Steve Brechbiel
Sr. Director, Community Relations
Corporate Communication

Steve Brechbiel
Brad Wilson

“Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC) has long supported Leadership Triangle’s unique approach to fostering collaboration among emerging leaders in our region. BCBSNC boasts a number of Goodmon Fellows among our staff, leaders who have gained the skills and insights to make a meaningful contribution to the diversity of thought that is so vital to serving our state. Leadership Triangle’s professional development courses help individuals – and their employers – find new ways to make the Triangle a better place to live and do business.”

Brad Wilson
Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina

“Leadership Triangle has emerged as a leading entity in the region, to help identify and groom future leaders, to identify and study regional issues, and to act as a clearinghouse of information for the Triangle.
I ask that you step up to the plate and join the other sponsors in their support of Leadership Triangle. It is our responsibility to be involved, to help define our future, and to pass the baton to emerging leaders, in order to insure the highest quality of life for the Triangle as we move into the 21st century.”

Jim Goodmon, Chair emeritus of LT
Capitol Broadcasting Company, Inc.
President & CEO

Jim Goodmon

2015 Leadership Triangle Alumni Network Members

  • Debbie Aiken
  • James Amato
  • Gina Andersen
  • Lou Arp
  • Paul Atkinson
  • Jeanette Avery
  • Logan Barber
  • Doris Bates
  • Kellee Beach
  • Claire Beard
  • Matt Bland
  • Ben Blankenship
  • Tanya Blankenship
  • Ana Maria Bonell
  • Linda Booker
  • Rob Bosser
  • Daniel Bowles
  • Rebecca Brock
  • Jonathan Bumgarner
  • Hunter Burnette
  • Angela Caraway
  • Martina Chavis
  • Damon Circosta
  • Nate Clendenin
  • Eileen Cowel
  • Pat Cronin
  • Stephen Dauchert
  • Fatima Dean
  • Denise Dickens
  • Doug Dickman
  • Nick DiColandrea
  • Drew Duncan
  • Ronnie Duncan
  • Tiffany Elder
  • Stephen Faber
  • Col. Benjamin Farrell
  • Josephe Featherstone
  • Alex Ferguson
  • Mimi Fletcher
  • Kathi Forte
  • Allin Foulkrod
  • Katie Gailes
  • Michelle Garrett
  • Atrayus Goode
  • Jim Goodmon
  • Jan Gosse
  • Nancy Hardin
  • Josh Hawn
  • Darleene Heath
  • Shannon Helm
  • Kerry Henderson
  • Ben Hitchings
  • Elizabeth Hogan
  • Matt Honeycutt
  • Sig Hutchinson
  • Hector Javier
  • Gracie Johnson-Lopez
  • Jessica Jones
  • Lesley Kees
  • Mac Kendall
  • Liz Kline
  • Mack Koonce
  • Matt Kopac
  • Emlyn Koster
  • Sylvia Lanier
  • Col. Joe LeBoeuf
  • Dave Lyles
  • John Malitoris
  • Laura Marquis
  • Meredith McCombs
  • Andrew McCrae
  • Lesa Melvin
  • Ernie Mills
  • Mark Molitor
  • Steve Monti
  • Dan Moore
  • Kimberly Moore
  • Mike Noël
  • Jamie Nunnelly
  • Angelica Oberleithner
  • Lori O’Keefe
  • Nguyen Phan
  • Kerri Patterson
  • Larry Petrovick
  • Andre Pettigrew
  • Jason Pfister
  • Katie Phillips
  • Jill Potter
  • Lucia Powe
  • David Reese
  • Sylvette Ramos-Diaz
  • Shannon Ritchie
  • Pilar Rocha-Goldberg
  • Fred Royal
  • Jon Rynearson
  • David Schnepp
  • Veronica Singleton
  • Christy Simmons
  • Josie Simpson
  • Laura Stillman
  • Katherine Skinner
  • Niel Sollod
  • Tom Stevens
  • Donna Strickland
  • Jodi Tata
  • Jeanne Tedrow
  • Hope Thornton-Koonce
  • Gina Upchurch
  • Sally Webb
  • Carver Weaver
  • Angie Welsh
  • John White
  • Laurie Williamson