Transforming Leaders Application 2019

Transforming Leaders Application 2019

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  • Current Community Involvements (Include board memberships, committees and length of service):
  • Narrative

    Please answer the following questions. All answers MUST be 200 words or 1,000 characters minimum.
  • Tuition

    The tuition per participant is $2,500, and covers costs for materials, meals, facilities and facilitation expenses. If accepted into the program, you or your organization will be billed and payment must be received one week before the first session, unless special permission is approved by Leadership Triangle.
  • Partial Scholarship: Partial scholarship support is available for applicants who would not otherwise afford to participate. If you request to be considered for a scholarship, please EMAIL stating your reasons for requesting financial assistance through email and the amount you are requesting to Only partial scholarships are given.

    Participation: For you to receive the full benefit of this program, we request you schedule yourself and you attend all sessions. Emergencies will be considered. Sessions 1 and 8 are required. If you know you will miss more than 2 sessions, we recommend you not participate in this program for this cycle for this will preclude you from graduating. Attendance from “start time” until “end time” is strongly urged. We plan for the entire time.

    Acknowledgement: I certify that all statements made in this application are true and complete to the best of my knowledge and are made in good faith. I understand the outcomes of the Leadership Triangle program for which I am applying, and if accepted, I will ensure that my tuition is paid as stated above. I understand the commitment and requirements of this program and will devote the personal time and resources to participate. I understand I must arrive by start time and remain until class is dismissed. I understand that I must attend the first and last class.

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